Issue 2
Cover Photo: Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

Cover photography by Benjamin Lane and Sirjana Singh of Tinted Photography Taken on Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand @TintedPhotography. Celebrant: Laura Giddey, along with Jo, Gőtz and Lou. Thank you!

Photograph by Veronika Robinson, Cumbria Celebrant. Eco-burial.

Editorial: Liminal Space
Your Words
Path of Healing Ritual
Voice Matters
Emotional Intelligence
The Mighty Oak
Separation Ceremony
Celebrant Tips for Designing a Separation Ceremony
Seed Ceremony
The Craft of Script Writing
Ceremony and the Divine Feminine
Interment of Ashes
Continued Learning and Success as a Celebrant
The Red Cardinal and the Pregnant Nun
Benny’s Coming of Age Ritual
Lily and Sunflower Ritual
Transition Ritual
The Patchwork Cloak Ritual
Spice Blending Ritual
The Singing Celebrant

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